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Accounting Services

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Tax Services

There’s no tax deduction, break, or incentive that will escape our notice no matter how small because, to us, every dollar counts.

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The type of CPA firm you choose can make a real difference in the success of your small business. Some accountants just file your taxes at the end of the year but The Simple Solution Organization is the type of firm that will be instrumental in helping your business grow and become more profitable. We’re passionate about working with small business owners and offer the accounting and tax services to address today’s financial challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities. We service clients nationwide and internationally.

Business accounting needs extend far beyond tax season so we work with you year-round to manage your finances and your tax obligations. From practical accounting solutions and bookkeeping to diligent tax planning and financial advice, you can count on us for consistent support. We’ll provide the data you need to track expenses and monitor cash flow and will design a personalized strategy to proactively reduce taxes. Our goal is to help you understand your company’s larger financial picture so you can be competitive, increase revenues, and find ways to expand.

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